Faik Sönmez

Berkan Çiçek

Faik Sönmez | Business Development and IT Systems Director

Faik Sönmez Business Development and IT Systems Director Berkan Çiçek talked about the Nebim V3 Guided Sales application implemented together with Nebim which presents personalized sales opportunities for the customers at the stores.

Berkan Çiçek explained that their cooperation with Nebim has been continuing since 2004 and that they have been using Nebim V3 applications since 2015. “At our company, we use V3 applications in all business processes such as wholesale, retail sales, manufacturing, finance, business intelligence and CRM applications. One of our latest projects with Nebim is Nebim V3 Guided Sales application. With this project, our aim was to check and develop parameters such as inventory check on mobile devices, fast access to consumer data, acceleration of cash register transactions, basket average and sell-out. We started this project at four of our busiest stores. Two of them were stores in shopping malls, and the other two were street stores. The application was activated on Android devices in these four stores as of April 9th.” Çiçek continued his talk by pointing out the benefits of Nebim V3 Guided Sales application.

“The benefits of Nebim V3 Guided Sales application and product suggestion motor can be summarized as follows:

• Using this application, the sales consultants serving customers at the departments can check in a very fast manner if a product is available at the store.

• In case the product isn’t available in the warehouse of that specific store, the sales consultants can direct the customers to the nearest store, or the product can easily be ordered from the other store to come to that store.

• Thanks to the product suggestion algorithm in the background, the application gives us some suggestions on other products. For instance, in addition to the product that the customer has requested from us, a wide range of products such as the best-selling products, the complementing or alternative products, products that other customers view or buy at the same time with that product can be offered to the customer. We see this as a very important application to increase the basket depth.

• We can see the customer-based campaigns on the device. Faik Sönmez has various promotions for our customers on the occasion of their birthdays. The promotions of the specific customer and the dates of validity can easily be accessed and observed on the device.

• When we sell products at the department, we don’t need to scan them at the cash register one more time. Transferring the department slip, we can complete the sales at the cash register using a single key. This helps to decrease the time at the cash register and lets the colleagues at the departments contribute to the sales process.”

Çiçek also gave information regarding the selection of the mobile devices where Nebim V3 Guided Sales application is running. “This was an important process for us. We have decided to go for Android mobile phones. Of course, one of the vital factors in the use of the program in the stores is security. After careful research, we have selected the most suitable mobile device management program for our company. Now, in our stores we employ mobile phones that run only our application so that possible security flaws are avoided and complete security is achieved. Our software also enables us to update all devices at the same when there is an update of Nebim V3 Guided Sales. We believe that this is as important as the project itself. As a matter of fact, some companies have reservations about the program due to security concerns. As we have been testing this since April, we use it without any security flaws. The mobile devices used in our stores are sent out to the stores without their SIM cards. All our internet connections are securely established with the existing Wi-Fi devices in our stores. Therefore, the devices used in the stores don’t need any call or mobile data line except for the designated purpose. The connection to the server is secured thanks to the existing internet line in the store.”

Nebim V3 Guided Sales application can be managed from the headquarters, as Çiçek mentioned. “Thanks to our cooperation with Nebim, we have added a new program regarding the management of the Nebim V3 Guided Sales application from the headquarters. With this program, you can easily report the performance levels of the devices in your stores, the number of the queries, and which modules of which sections are used more frequently in a certain period of time. So, without consulting the store, you can monitor the frequency with which the devices in your stores are used; and you can easily come to a decision of buying a second or third device for that particular store, if need be. In case the number of the queries in that store is low, you can easily find out the cause, i.e. if this situation arises from the staff in the store or the device itself or the technological infrastructure.”

Çiçek also mentioned the increase in customer satisfaction thanks to the Nebim V3 Guided Sales application: “The mystery shoppers at Faik Sönmez also observed that what the customers hate most is being left alone in the store. This usually happens when the sales consultant goes to the warehouse to check if a product is available at that store. With this application, customer satisfaction has increased because there is no need for the staff to leave the customer alone in the store in order to go to the warehouse. So, these processes have improved significantly. The customers receive prompt responses regarding the products they wish to buy. They can be directed to the nearest store in case the desired products are not available. There is also the possibility of ordering the products from different stores to the specific store they are in. This not only makes life easier for the customer, but also contributes to the basket average as it promotes additional product sales. As a matter of fact, this is one of the benefits we have been expecting from this project from early on. Of course, customer satisfaction comes first. Then comes basket average and reaching the sales targets as shared with our stores by means of presenting the product suggestions in a fast manner. These are some of our key indicators.”

Çiçek said that they would start using Nebim V3 Guided Sales application in their other stores by utilizing the experience that they gain in the four pilot stores. The efficiency is to increase in these stores thanks to the benefits of the application. “We will go on using technology in our stores in order to increase the satisfaction of our staff and our customers by continuing our cooperation with Nebim according to the needs introduced into our lives by the technological advancement.”